Hackers playing CAT and MOUSE with IOS

MIT Tech Review article goes deeper into issues on how a closed system is a “double-edged sword.”

  • Good part of closed system is that most of hackers are kept out and thus provide a security to general users
  • Bad part of closed system is that very advanced hacker are able to break in and hide with out being discovered.
  • Closed system also mean that it is extremely difficult to detect as it is hard to have a good tool. If you have a tool that can detect, it defeats the purpose of the closed system.

Is there a trade-offs in ability to detect and security?

Here is the snippet from the article:

In theory, Apple could choose to grant certain entitlements to known defenders with explicit permission from users, allowing a little more freedom to investigate. But that opens doors that can be exploited. And there is another consequence to consider: every government on earth wants Apple’s help to open up iPhones. If the company created special access, it’s easy to imagine the FBI knocking, a precarious position Apple has spent years trying to avoid.

The iPhone’s locked-down approach to security is spreading, but advanced hackers have found that higher barriers are great for avoiding capture.