Top 20 Promising Solution Provider
Top 20 Promising Solution Provider

DevOps is the combination of practices and toolset that enable teams/organizations to improve efficiency and productivity in delivery value to business at higher velocity. The platform allows teams to quickly adapt to changing environment such that business can quickly pivot in the direction that the business sees profitable. 

Benefits of Devops

Speed in Delivery

Deliver your business value at high velocity so you can bring value to your customers faster, adapt to changing markets quicker, and thus grow your business. The DevOps platform enables your business owners and developers to achieve these results. For example, continuous integration let teams bring high business value features quicker to production.


Deliver feature changes, new features, and technology infrastructure changes with quality and reliability through Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. You can achieve reliable released through Test Driven Development and Continuous automated testing. 

Improved Collaboration with Scale

DevOps platform acts as a Glue for cross team collaboration. Such a glue promotes ownership and accountability as work units are connected from requirements to development to testing and delivery. Such connectivity that is traceability, encourages openness and accountability encouraging a collaborative environment rather than animosity across teams. Since all the teams goal is to bring value to customers, when the platform becomes a repository of facts, there is no argument in what went wrong, thus improving the efficiency and productivity.


DevOps does not sacrificing security; intact it improves security through the use of automated testing, code scanning, compliance policies, fine-grained controls, and configuration management. For example, the platform enables you to define and then track compliance at scale.

Why Adopt a DevOps Practice

With DevOps, teams together to optimize productivity and efficiency of the team in delivering value to business through improved the quality of services and experiences to customers. As a team, members take full ownership of delivering value to business by solving end customer’s need rather than each individuals focus on their responsibilities stated on their roles or titles. This is to improve and encourage tight integration among various team that compose in delivering product. The goal here is to reduce blame game among teams; and to encourage focus on problems and solving those problems as a team. DevOps stack with tightly integrated chain provides information at the tip of your mouse which in tern provides realtime information where the problem lies. This integrated environment enables teams to quickly identify problem and fix it. This is the seed that an organization gains which in tern translate into increase in business value.

Bringing Agility and Automation to Innovate

An organization can innovate faster through automating and streamlining the software development and management processes. A proper tightly integrated toolset enables an an organization to achieve that goal. As the platform (toolset) automates processes, a team can focus on solving high value business problems.

With toolset in place, the organization can focus on agility by breaking problems into smaller chunks that are frequently pushed to production. The small but frequent updates achieves few goals – 1) new or fix features available to customer quicker 2) reduces risk of breaking working features that is less likely to introduce new bugs 3) easy to get customer feedback on a small change.