Leadership Team

Shirish Ranjit

Shirish is the CTO of ZenLabs Inc and one of the original founders.

He has extensive leadership experience in technology providing directions for complex engagements. He has a passion for decomposing problems into solvable units for teams to work on. He is a pioneer in designing and developing cloud based software. He has extensive experience in Financial Services domain having successfully executed programs with multiple clients.

His interests include bringing artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data analytics into the hands of data scientists by providing them with accessible and easy to use technologies.

He is an entrepreneur who is active in the Boston entrepreneur community. He was the Chair of Software Entrepreneur Group (MIT Enterprise Forum Cambridge) and a group founding member. He has also been involved in a variety of startups.

Shirish is an alumni of MIT Short Programs. Shirish holds a BA in Mathematics, Economics and Computer Science from Wabash College; and a Master of Science in Applied Economics and a Master of Science in Computing from Marquette University.

Shirish lives with his wife and 2 daughters and pursues skiing and water sports in his leisure.

Contact Shirish at:

shirish at zenlabs.com